Thirsty Monkey for Tasty Acai Bowls and More

Thirsty Monkey Marrickville Metro

Thirsty Monkey is known for their acai bowls. They opened a second store on Smidmore Street in Marrickville Metro on April 6, 2023. It has quickly gained a large and loyal following, with people queuing up for their acai bowls, especially at night. 

Their acai bowls are very popular as customers love the taste and smooth texture of the acai from Thirsty Monkey. The acai looks like soft-serve but holds its form and doesn’t melt quickly like ice-cream. Acai bowls are great to enjoy for breakfast, a snack and also make for a great dessert. It’s an alternative to gelato, ice-cream and yoghurt. 

The acai bowls and cups at Thirsty Monkey are served with banana, strawberries, and granola. You can also add a topping like peanut butter, biscoff or nutella. It’s gluten free, vegan and dairy free. 

We got acai cups on our recent visit as we already pretty full from lunch (the bowls are a lot larger). The texture was smooth and held its shape. It was a refreshing cold taste. I found it tasted a little bit like dark chocolate with maybe a hint of a berry flavour, but it didn’t taste sweet to me. It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. I think I’m much more used to the taste of gelato and yoghurt which is usually sweet and more creamy.

Acai cupsAcai cups from Thirsty Monkey in Marrickville. Photo by Kirsten Lowe.

What is acai? 

Acai is a dark purple coloured berry that is about an 1.5cm in diameter and comes from the acai palm tree, which is native to Central and South America. Acai is often touted as a superfood as it contains rich antioxidants. It can be dried, frozen or made into powder form, then used to make juices and acai bowls. 

Acai tastes a bit like bitter, dark chocolate, and blackberry. It’s got a bit of a bitter, earthy aftertaste. It’s a bit of an acquired taste. 

Acai berries and powder

Thirsty Monkey Menu

Apart from the very popular acai bowls, Thirsty Monkey also sells protein shakes, fruit crushers, fresh juices, and yoghurt and fruit salad.

Thirsty Monkey Locations and Opening Hours

Marina Square
5 Footbridge Boulevard, Wentworth Point

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 9am-10.30pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am-10.30pm

Marrickville Metro
Shop 96/20 Smidmore Street, Marrickville

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 11am – 10pm

These hours may vary on holidays, so it is always a good idea to check before visiting. 

Where to Follow Thirsty Monkey 

Instagram: @thirstymonkey_au
TikTok: @thirstymonkey_au